The Bearclaw Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta carries a diverse selection of Canadian First Nations art including traditional Native and Inuit arts and crafts, original paintings and sculpture.

The gallery features works by internationally acclaimed First Nations artists Daphne Odjig, Norval Morrisseau, Alex Janvier (all of whom are recipients of the Order of Canada), Jane Ash Poitras,  Roy Thomas, Maxine Noel, Jim Logan, Aaron Paquette, Jason Carter, Linus Woods and many other Canadian native artists and Inuit artists.


Spring Exhibition Schedule

The Bearclaw Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming Spring Exhibition Schedule:

Jessica Desmoulin March 10 – March 22

Nathalie Bertin March 31 – April 11

Jason Carter April 14 – April 26

The Spring Gallery Walk will take place April 14th & 15th


Jessica Desmoulin

Opening Saturday, March 10th, “Ancestral Memories“, new acrylic on canvas works by Jessica Desmoulin

“I do not know how to describe my inspiration to paint. In this series of work the ideas were fluid, like I had seen all the images before. I feel like there is this incredible spiritual place that I connect with when I paint, and that what I lay down on canvas has been passed to me through those before me, through Ancestral Memories. Everything came together with such ease. I would look at the colours on my palette and not even hesitate to make a choice. The images and composition were immediate, I did not labour over any of the details. In my mind I was guided by my ancestors.” – Jessica Desmoulin

The exhibition runs until March 22.