Who is Boo? 3 Book Launch and Exhibition

Join us Saturday, November 28 for the book launch for Who Is Boo? 3: The On-Going and Often Hilarious Tales of One Trickster Rabbit, illustrated by Jason Carter and written by Bridget Ryan. The opening will also include an exhibition of new paintings and carvings by Jason Carter, who will be in attendance from 1-4 pm.

The “Who Is Boo?” series chronicles a perpetually curious rabbit who is in a continual race around the world with his brother (because frankly, they forgot where they put the finish line!)and along the way meets many animals. In Boo 3, the lead character races through the Rockies and encounters a love sick moose and a very young owl who is unaware of just how special she is! The title character was inspired by Nanabozho, a trickster figure in Ojibwe mythology, but the stories themselves are inspired from the trickster characters prevalent in all ethnicities. This series of adventure stories about the fleet footed rabbit, Boo, is about curiosity that leads to wonderment that leads to helpfulness! In a world that runs the risk of becoming more disconnected, it’s about stopping, conecting, and helping those we meet on our way.

“To say that illustrating the Who Is Boo series has been a ‘labour of love’, would be an understatement. It pushes me as an artist on every level. As someone who started off, over a decade ago, as a graphic designer, I relish the challenge of having to create a world in which Boo can come to life in; a world that is visually and emotionally engaging to the reader- page by page. As a painter, Boo allows me to explore the world, quite literally (as Boo and his brother are in a continual race around the world)! I am such a strong proponent of colour and light, and this world allows me to use both in abundance. As someone who approaches their work with much humour and whimsy, Boo affords me the opportunity to play, like a child, and that is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.” -Jason Carter

The exhibition continues to December 3rd.

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