Inuit – Igloolik

Igloolik (sometimes spelled Iglulik), is an Inuit hamlet, in Foxe Basin, Qikiqtaaluk Region in Nunavut, northern Canada. Igloolik is not only the geographic centre of Nunavut but also to what is widely considered the cultural hub of Nunavut. Ancient ties to northern and southern Baffin Island, as well as the Kivalliq and eastern Kitikmeot regions, contribute to the distinct mix of Inuit cultural traditions practised in Igloolik today. The area has long been blessed with abundant natural resources central to Inuit culture and identity: walruses, seals, whales, polar bears, caribou, fish and waterfowl. The name "Igloolik" means "there is a house here". It derives from iglu, meaning house or building, and refers to the sod houses that were originally in the area, not to snow igloos.

Owl, Drummers and Village Scene

Artist: Luke Airut
Region: Igloolik
Medium: Whalebone
Size: 35 x 54 x 20 Inches
Code No.: CS01
Price: $25,000.00