Moose Hair Tufting

The Bearclaw Gallery carries an extensive inventory of Moosehair Tufting.  Below are some samples of works that you can find displayed, but you will find much more available in the gallery.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Centuries ago the Cree people of Northern Alberta and the Dene people of the Northwest Territory used Moose Hair Tufting as the primary method of decorating their attire.

The use of hair in ornamentation represent one of the most beautiful crafts indigenous to the Aboriginal people of these areas.  This craft requires a skilled hand, hard work and much patience – qualities reflected in the culture itself.  Traditional material and methods, combined with some contemporary adaptations have brought meaning and vitality to this art form.

At one time there were only 12 native women in the north working in the medium, now young people are encouraged to learn this ancient handicraft.

The moose hair most suitable for tufting comes from the winter fur obtained between December and March. It is usually 6 – 8 inches in length and comes from the center of the back of the animal. It is picked from the pelt by hand, sorted, washed and dyed. Only the white hair can be used for dying. Natural dyes such as berries, bark and leaves are still used, but commercial powdered dyes and crepe paper are popular as well. After dying, the hair is dried and ready for sewing. The pattern for the picture is drawn with a small stick dipped in a mixture of flour and water, onto velvet backed by canvas. These outlines are drawn freehand, and no two pictures are identical, each is an original. The method used for sewing is as follows: about 15-20hairs are held on the pattern, a stitch is made around the hair about ¼” from the end, pulled tight and knotted at the back of the material. This makes the moose hair stand up in a tuft. The long part of the hair is cut off about ¼” from the stitch, making the hair a brisk tuft. The remainder of the hair is used in the same fashion until the outline is felled in. The hair is then sculpted with scissors, giving the finished product as we know it.

Four Blue Flowers

Artist: Corine Sabourin
Medium: Moose Hair Tufting
Size: 13 x 9 Inches
Code No.: CS01
Price: $675.00 Framed

Two Flowers

Artist: Corine Sabourin
Medium: Moose Hair Tufting
Size: 8 x 7 Inches
Code No.: CS04
Price: $495.00 Framed

Flowers on Navy

Artist: Corine Sabourin
Medium: Moose Hair Tufting
Size: 8 x 6 Inches
Code No.: CS05
Price: $450.00 Framed